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​Hi, I am Adnan: a software engineer by training with an avid interest in bioinformatics, systems genomics, and deep learning.

Previously, my research focused on developing methods for neurofeedback using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). To this end, I developed various tools for real-time analysis and neurofeedback of fMRI data during my stints at Radboud University and Donders Institute.

​In my current position as a lecturer at the Institute of Integrative Biosciences, CECOS University, Pakista​n, I teach programming in Python and R at graduate and undergraduate levels​​. For me, teaching is not a job​:​​​ it​ i​s an obsession.​ Nothing gives me more satisfaction than taking a complex concept and breaking it down into animations and visuals that anyone can understand. I love teaching because I firmly believe that no matter what I do in my own scientific career, the biggest impact I will have in this world would be through my students.

​I spend much of my free time these days learning biology after being cut off from it more than a decade. I've always dreaded biology in the past, but now, I have a newfound appreciation for biology: how fascinating and powerful a tool it could be.

I plan to carry out my PhD in ​bioinformatics with focus on developing tools and methods to help bridge the genotype-phenotype divide.

That's all about me. If you want to connect with me,​ ​feel free to do so.