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Investigating N2pc for it’s potential uses in BCI applications

The present study investigated the use of N2pc (Negativity around 200 ms in posterior contralateral) ERP for its potential use in brain computer interface applications. To the best of our knowledge, the N2pc feature has never been investigated in this context before. All existing N2pc research is mainly focused on the psychological aspects of N2pc as a neural correlate of spatial attention. In this paper, a two phase research is described which culminated in the final BCI application. Exploratory offline tests were conducted in the first phase to identify the challenges involved in using N2pc for BCI. This was followed by the development of an online audio based game in the second phase, controlled by the N2pc in the EEG signals. Both online and offline studies used single trial classification. The results of the study implicates that N2pc has a very promising future with regards to its use in a robust two or three class BCI.

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