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Communications Systems Laboratory with Feedback Instruments

Practical 01: Amplitude Modulation with Full Carrier
Practical 02: Demodulation of DSB with Full Carrier using Envelop Detector
Practical 03: Demodulation of DSB with Full Carrier using Product detector
Practical 04: Double Side Band with Suppressed Carrier Modulation
Practical 05: Generation of SSB Signals
Practical 06: Demodulation of SSB
Practical 07: FM Modulation Concept
Practical 08: A Frequency Modulator
Practical 09: The Quadrature detector
Practical 10: The Phase Locked Loop detector
Practical 11: AM Generator and Superheterodyne AM Receiver 
Practical 11: FM transmitter and Superheterodyne FM Receiver 
Practical 13: Sending and Receiving Binary Data
Practical 14: Analog to Digital conversion, the transmission of digital data and its conversion from Digital back to Analog
Practical 15: To observe different data formats
A primer to Analog Oscilloscopes
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