Spring 2015Spring 2016

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A1

Designing a simple BMI calculator take takes user inputs through the console

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A2

Squares, cubes, and factorial generator

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A3

Character histogram generator

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A4

Function for table generation

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A5

Designing mockup of your project's GUI using Balsamiq mockups

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A6

Laying out your project's GUI using Qt designer

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A7

Designing your website in Weebly

[icon name="cloud-download"] Assignment-A8

Designing a simple text editor in PyQt

Designing some challenging assignment for spring 2016. Stay tuned!