Spring 2015 Projects

In the Spring 2015 course, students were tasked to design various graphical user interfaces or GUIs using PyQt4 framework. Given below is a list of all those projects. You can find more information about any project by visiting its respective website.



PyPlayer is a media player that can play audio/video files and is based on PyQt's Phonon media class. PyPlayer includes a playlist and can seek audio and video, go to next or previous tracks, pause, resume, stop, and has the ability to playback videos in fullscreen or shrunken mode.

Designed by:

Ramsha Khan



PyGPA is a GPA calculator designed using Python and PyQT4 library. This application allows a user to enter course names, their credit hours and the grades obtained. The GUI then computes the grade point average or GPA. The GPA updates on-the-fly as new courses are added.

Designed by:

 Rimshah Sabir
 Khalida Bibi
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PyBlood is a simple application designed in PyQt4 that can be used to find which blood groups are compatible with which other blood groups for safe blood transfusion. It can also be used to find possible blood groups that can appear in progeny depending on the blood type of parents.

Designed by:

 Masooma Qaiser
 Fakhriya Khan
Sana Khan
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pytimerPyTimer is a timer developed using the PyQT4 framework. The main features of this timer include the ability to start, stop, resume, and reset the timer. Furthermore, the timer can generate an audible beep when the countdown is complete.

Designed by:

Nisar Ahmad
 Jahanzeb Khan
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PyBMI is a simple application to calculate the body mass index. The GUI ‒ designed in PyQt - can handle inputs in both metric and imperial units.

Designed by:

 Anees Hayat
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PyWeather is a weather forecast application that can find five-day and three-hourly forecast for any city in the world. The forecast is fetched from the OpenWeatherMap API using pyowm library.

Designed by:

Sajid Amin
 Zorawar Khan
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pyanemiaPyAnemia is a software containing information about diagnosis and cure of anemia. It can find the severity of anemia depending on the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. It can also show the various symptoms of anemia depending on its type. Additionally, it can provide a list of iron-rich foods along with the exact quantity of iron contained in any quantity of each food.

Designed by:

 Afia Azam
Javieria Atiq
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pyimviewPyImView is an image viewer application designed using QGraphicsView class provided by the PyQt4 framework. This application can be used to view images .jpeg, .jpg, .svg, .png, .bmp, and .tiff formats. Additionally images can be rotated and scaled as required.

Designed by:

 Azmat Ali
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pysurfPySurf is a web browser with a Chrome-like interface designed in PyQt4 framework. The browser uses Qt's QWebView class to display web content live from the Internet.

Designed by:

 Irfan Khan
 Muhammad Waleed
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